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Zedar Thokme

Creator: Zedar Thokme Location: Saanich, B.C . I enjoy sculpting jewelry with a story, like art. I have been sculpting for 3 years now. My online endeavour is very new. Choice medium: PMC (Precious Metal Clay) mostly 0.99% pure Silver or Sterling Silver. My method is hand-sculpting figurines, symbols or shapes into pendants, and kiln firing them. I don’t use molds for the time being unless I am producing voluminously the same design. Most will be limited editions. A lot of my pendants are made with mixed media + polymer clay for backing, wire-wraps, and a myriad of gemstones. I also love to do personalized designs, talk to me... e.g. your fav symbols, your fav pet and you. Tell me your story, and I will create a memorabilia just for you and loved one. I can be versatile. Note: for packaging: I like to recycle fine candy cans as the jewelry boxes. About myself: I am a single mom with 2 kids. In my free time, I enjoy dance temple, silent DJs, nature trekking, bird watching, photography, and gardening. I work part time in social media with local artists ~ I love them and their unique work! I am hoping to make this my livelihood one day, and enough to have a Husky for a pet! Grateful for your support of my work as a jewelry artist. You are welcome to message me for more info: Thank you.

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