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New! Online Store


We are now also offering the option for our artists to sell their work online through If you ARE renting a space at the Arts Market (for $308/4 weeks (No commission of what is sold in the gallery, there is NO extra fee to participate in the online store). You get up to 10 items for sale online, and the commission for online sales is 35%. We organize the shipping for you. The customer always pays the shipping fees.


If you choose NOT to rent a space in our gallery but wish to sell online with us, this is how it works:


  • There is a 1-time fee of $145 including tax.

  • You may submit up to 45 items with a max of 15 items/month.

  • IF your items have an average price point of less than $45 you may submit up to 60 items max 15/month.

  • The items stay up on our website until they are sold or until you want to take them down.

  • You are responsible for shipping the item within 3 days of purchase. 

  • There is a 30% commission on each online sale. 

  • The customer pays the shipping fees, you must provide the materials and packing. We provide the shipping label.


Additional Options

Featured artist:


To become a "featured artist" there is a fee of $84 including tax. This includes:


  • Ecommerce Marketing Campaign - 2 items on the featured-main page of the online store for 1 month. You must indicate which items are to be featured on the forms.

  • Social Media Marketing Campaign - 2 social media posts on Facebook and Instagram (over 12k followers), 1 is a paid post (further reaching).

  • 2 featured Items for sale on our Google Business page.

  • 1 social media story tagging you and your product(s) on FaceBook and Instagram

  • Email Marketing Campaign - 1 featured mention in our ‘Product of the Month’ Newsletter (sent once/month to over 6500 subscribers)

  • 1 Bio Post -  featuring your artist bio and 3+ pieces of your work within your year subscription.


You will be provided with full instructions for either or both of these options once you’ve agreed to sign up, everything is very thoroughly explained and made as easy as possible for you along the way.


All items are posted to our social media, where we have over 12k followers combined across platforms. Our website currently gets over 3k hits per month, and this will continue to increase as we ramp up the promotion of the online store. 


We are the biggest and best online platform for finding locally BC made art and craft works! There is nothing else like it.

To be a featured artist there is an additional $84 fee.  


($84 $145 (1 time fee above) = $229 total )




By Corinne Palmer

I'm a Fine Arts Painter who has a home-based studio here in Vancouver, The Painting Crow. I was looking for a way to get out of my studio bubble and become more involved in the art community when I found out about Pacific Arts Market. I've been one of the Artists at PAM since February of 2019, and I'm incredibly grateful to be part of the family!


Crystal genuinely cares about helping Artists to succeed and involves us in that aim. The events at the Market give Artists a chance to connect with each other and meet Clients. Crystal also gives us the opportunity to work on our art in the space. Painting in the Market and talking with Customers has been a great experience for me.


Overall, the positive impact on my creativity and confidence is something that really shows in the work I've created since joining PAM. The increased exposure and sales for my paintings enabled my studio to grow significantly. The Market fills a need for both Artists and Collectors, something for everyone! If you are an Artist or a Maker looking for a place to sell your work, and to be part of a truly creative community, I highly recommend Pacific Arts Market.

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