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‘Romance Rendezvous’ silver pendant. Hand sculpted.

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Artist: elfinwoods11am Art Jewelry by Zedar Thokme-
Medium: 0.99% pure silver + Malachite gemstone + polymer clay.
‘Romance Rendezvous’, 0.99% pure Silver + beautiful Malachite gemstone. Dimensions: height: 3.5 cm; width: 1.5 cm; thickness: 0.9 cm. Weight: 30 grams. Celebrate your first kiss. This fully handcrafted silver, mixed media + blue-green Malachite pendant symbolizes your first kiss. Also called the 'Romance Chalice' - sealed with your first kiss. The pendant is designed to be whimsical, a forest rendezvous amongst the fairy circle. The pendant includes symbols of the great orca, ancient stone, a conch shell... and at the back of the pendant, fantasy symbols await you both: moon forest + a book of magic, and dream symbols. The sign on the bluestone came to me in a dream when I was creating this Romance Chalice. And sweet flowers along the way. #silverpendant #romance #lovers #secretlove #weddinggift #loversgift #elfae #elven #faery #woodland #pagan
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Made in Canada" Label - 1" S-12956 - Uline

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