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We are looking for talented creative people, like you! 

      There are 5 great ways to join us:

Arts Market

  • 2nd floor, established for over 4 years

  • A year-round market space for selling your work

  • Perfect for emerging and established artists

  • Great for craft items, such as candles and soaps

  • Minimum 4-week rental terms for $11/day

  • Discounts for stays of 8 weeks or more

  • Freedom to design your own retail space

  • Wall spaces are 8x8 feet, floor spaces are 12-15 square ft

  • No commission on sales!

  • Premium ground level Gallery space

  • Ideal for established Artists 

  • Great for high-end craft work and jewelry

  • 12- or 16-week packages for $14/day

  • Gallery grade hanging system

  • Wall spaces are 6x10 feet, floor spaces are 12-15 square feet

  • No commission on sales!

Gallery Space

Solo Show Exhibition Space

  • 300 square feet of Premium Gallery space.

  • Floor to ceiling street facing windows

  • Ideal for solo artists with a vast collection of work

  • Can be a group show of 2 or more artists

  • Great for large sculptures and floor pieces

  • Assistance with organizing and hosting an Opening Event

  • Available for 4-week durations for $57/day

  • 25% commission on sales