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We are looking for talented creative people, like you! 

Pacific Arts Market is a space for local artists, craftspeople, designers, and the like to display their work for sale in our gallery and/or you can sell work and make money by being part of our online store.


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New Premium Street Front Gallery Space

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In our space, artists design their own area and have control of how their work is displayed. Artists are free to set their own prices and we do not take any commission on what is sold. At the same time, Arts Market manages the space and sells the work, so that there's no need for artists to be onsite.

Floor spaces are around 13 - 17 sq. feet (and can be built up to 56"), while our more limited number of wall spaces are 66 square feet (a little less than 9 feet x 8 feet), with a small allowance of floor space in front. All spaces cost $308 (including taxes) per 4 week period, or $340 incl. tax for Peak Season (Oct. 1st - Dec. 27th) Spaces will be assigned according to availability, a priority of sign-up, and the needs of the Market.

You can get further details by writing to us at subject line " artist inquiry." Or just fill out the application on this website, under "Apply for space" in the drop-down menu.