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Tammy Dammann

So often we forget how to appreciate the simple things in life and how to find beauty in our everyday surroundings. My new direction in life and the journey that I am embarking has led to the creation of Plein De Vie Jewelry. From conceptualization of the design, to sourcing quality materials, then taking designs to production with final product that shines with beauty. Each piece strives to represent “Plein de vie” which means full of life and finding pleasure in simplicity. We are very lucky to live in an area of the Okanagan where we are surrounded with natural beauty during all seasons of the year where the water, hills, flowers and trees take on a life of their own. All of the pieces I craft are made from my home, where I work with a variety of materials such as 925 sterling silver, silver filled, glass / wood beads, Swarovski beads ranging from crystals to pearls and a variety of stringing materials. My goal is to create designs that can not only be worn today but can still be enjoyed for years to come. My focus is on using high quality materials that will last if you appreciate and take care of them.
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