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Covid Safety Plan for Pacific Arts Market

Note: We have no staff at the Market. Only the owner/manager. Artists come in to set up their displays which they rent for 4 weeks at a time. Artists occasionally spend time at the market painting or hosting live videos when it is safe to do so, and always in a safe and mindful manner.

  1. Assess Risks at the workplace
    We have no employees and no place where people gather. There is a marker in front of the main desk which indicates a safe 6ft of distance from the person at the desk.

  2. Implement protocols to reduce risk
    We have posted our occupancy limit on the door and provide hand sanitizer at the entrance and at the POS
    When artists move in, they are instructed to wear a mask and/or maintain a safe distance from others outside of their bubble.
    When artists host a FB live event, they are instructed to wear a mask and/or maintain a safe distance
    Surfaces that are touched often are disinfected several times per day. Including but not limited to the door handle, railings, pin pad etc.
    The washroom is wiped down at least twice per day.
    The entire shop is cleaned and disinfected once per week

  3. Develop Policies
    If I, the owner, am sick I will not come to work. The shop may be closed for up to 3 days in the event that I am display symptoms and unable to work.
    I am not travelling or visiting any areas which may put me at risk.
    A screened friend, family or artist may open the shop in the event that I am unable to be present. This person will be assessed to be not showing any symptoms.

  4. Develop Communication Plans and Training
    I am fully aware of all times of government and PHO orders and policies. I ensure that PAM is at all times following these orders.

  5. Monitor your workplace and update your plans as necessary
    I monitor my health at all times. Artists are instructed not to move in or spend time at the market if they are showing symptoms or have come in contact with someone who does.

  6. Assess and Address Risks from resuming operations



I remain diligent and aware of current orders and policies in place.

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