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Pacific Arts Market is doubling our art space!
NEW 2339 sq. ft. (Downstairs) + 2,419 sq. ft.(Upstairs)

Pacific Arts Market - The Gallery 

Have you been wanting to have your own public exhibition in a large art gallery?

Introducing Pacific Arts Market (PAM) - The Gallery.  We took over the entire building and have made a special dedicated space for individual artists, a group of artists, a collective/guild, or an organization to display their artwork at the front of our gallery.  This is a great opportunity to exhibit your work in our 289 Sq. Ft. pop-up space, with the full support of our art market and wonderful art community. Exhibition periods are 4 weeks long and renewable on a 4 week basis.
If you are interested in renting our modern storefront pop-up gallery space in the heart of South Granville,  you must complete and submit the Application Form.  The gallery exhibition space (for individuals or groups of artists exhibitions), is approximately 17 feet wide and 17 feet deep with floor to ceiling street facing windows. LED spotlights provide excellent visibility.









We also offer exhibition event packages, including live music, a bar, and catering. Let us help you create the perfect opening and space for displaying your work!


Alternatively, you can also request information about having some of your pieces on display on a commission basis, certain criteria will have to be met.

  • Creative practitioners from all disciplines, including but not limited to painting, digital media, photography, sculptures and other visual arts.

  • You are either an Mid-Career or an Established Artist.

  • Applicants must be 18 years of age or above

Submissions are reviewed against our criteria and successful applicants are then placed on our pre-approved waiting list. 
Access to Galleries

Our building is locked except for published Open Hours.  Access to view the gallery space, to arrange times to install, public hours, receptions and tear down are by appointment to with the Gallery Manager who will explain procedures, lighting, installation options and the location of supplies in more detail.


Fees & Commissions

  • Our pop-up gallery space is 17 Sq Ft. x 17 Sq. Ft. and with a fee of $1600 for a 4-week rental period. The cost includes: heat/ac, hydro, business hours access, wifi, as well as the use of the washrooms, and common area storage. 

  • Ask about exhibition package rates


  • Exhibition periods are 4 weeks long and renewable on a 4 week basis. Exhibitions must be installed after 1PM on the first day, and must be taken down before 4PM on the final day.


  • Pacific Arts Market takes a 25% commission on all art sold during the agreement period.  We provide staff to greet new customers (during business hours), promote your work and process all your sales.  We incur all costs related to transactions.


  • A $250 security deposit is required.

Note: Please consider that hard costs such as administration, maintenance, insurance, taxes etc. are involved for Pacific Arts Market.

User Responsibilities

  • Pacific Arts Market provides the display space, lighting, and gallery staff.


  • The person applying for the use of the space is responsible for the use of that space, their event & guests, and to arrange for supervising monitors to be present at all times of any specific opening/receptions events.


  • Users are required to arrange for their own art installation, assistance, supplies, hardware, tools, display removal, additional furniture and equipment needs, receptions, food, drink, volunteers & help, promotions and sales processes.


  • If alcohol is to be served at receptions, users must obtain approval from Pacific Arts Market and a BC Liquor Stores “Special Event Permit" (SEP), are required to abide by the rules and regulations of that permit by law.


  • Email a copy of the SEP to Pacific Arts Market for our insurance purposes.

  • Remember to take a hard copy to the BC Liquor Stores when you make your purchases. That way you can return any unopened bottles for refund, again showing the SEP.

  • All garbage and recycling is to be taken away immediately following the event, and the space returned to pre-event condition unless alternate arrangements are approved by PAM.


  • The exhibitor should plan to insure their displayed artwork and are required to arrange their sales and art delivery processes. Sold art may be left for pick-up.

Special Note:  As an option, if you would like us to manage your exhibition event, including music, alcohol and bartending responsibilities ask us about our extended package.   
We can also offer live music options for your opening/reception events.

Invitations & Promotions

Please send PAM your invitation, flyer and other promotional materials for approval prior to release. With the exception of PAM-organized events and "The Gallery" commission programs, all considered independent events and all invitations and promotions should reflect this.

PAM will list all pop-up exhibitions on the website and promote via social media and through our newsletter. Flyers will also be posted in the Art Market.

Special Note: As an option, ask us about our PAM Marketing & Promotional package which includes: special email campaigns, social media paid ads and post campaigns (reaching over 9 thousand art lovers).   

Please provide the required information and send a publicity image to

Accessibility, Washrooms & Public Access

Our pop-up gallery space is wheelchair accessible and is on the street level of the building.

A public washroom is located on both floors of the gallery.  Users and their guests are asked to respect tenants’ privacy and rights to use of their space.

Apply now to be among the first to join PAM - The Gallery Pop-up Space!

pop-up gallery space - pacific arts market.png

Application and Rental Process

If you are interested in renting a space at PAM, you must complete and submit the Application Form. Submissions are reviewed against our criteria and successful applicants are then placed on our pre-approved waiting list. 

All decisions are final and PAM does not provide feedback or updates beyond our initial response. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Click here to apply:

Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
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