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Attention Vancouver Island! 
Pacific Arts Market is growing with the addition of our brand-new location in Ladysmith, BC. Our spacious 1700 square foot venue is scheduled to open on TBA, 2024 -
Grand Opening - TBA

Vancouver - Gallery & Market 

1700 square feet of ground level art space - CLOSING as of the end of June

events & Promotions:
Join Us!

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What brought you to our website today?

Welcome to Pacific Arts Market!

You’re a local Artist or Maker

  • You’d like a spot to sell your work

  • You’d like to host a Solo Exhibition

  • You’d like to sell your work online

  • You need a Studio Space for creating your work

You’re looking for something fun, unique and exciting to do in Vancouver

  • You’re having a night out with friends

  • You want to attend an artist’s Opening

  • You’re looking for a unique date night

  • You’re visiting Vancouver and want to experience the local art scene

  • You want to get creative!

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You’re looking to purchase some artwork or gifts online

  • You’re redecorating your home or office

  • You need a unique and locally made gift for someone

  • Your space needs some updating

You’re looking for a great venue to host an Event or Workshop

  • You’re planning a party or event

  • You’re hosting staff or work colleagues

  • You need a workshop space for teaching your craft

  • You need a unique space for a unique gathering

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We accept payment methods including:
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