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Shelley Wales

Shelley is a Vancouver BC based visual artist. Her work explores life and landscape above the 49th from her native Vancouver north to the Canadian and Alaskan arctic through drawing, painting and photography. She has a particular love of the effect landscape has on our memories and emotions. You can often find her napping on the side of a mountain after a full day of exploring and finding inspiration in this incredible part of the world that she happily calls home. Her paintings and drawings are based off of plein air studies and photographs she has taken while exploring our vast and beautiful backcountry with her son and on solo trips. She loves using her large charcoal drawings to loosen up for the day and connect with the rhythm of her subject matter. She received her BFA in painting from The Nova Scotia College of Art and Design along with her Bachelors of Communication Design. Shelley is the owner and Creative Director of inEthos Graphic Design and Illustration, a boutique communication design studio located in Tsawwassen, BC.
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