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Kathy Harder

Kathy Harder is a new and emerging, self-taught artist whose works include pastels, watercolors, and acrylic paints. She has always had a love for painting but there was little time for this as her attention focused on raising her six children. In 2017, when most of the children had grown and left home, she eagerly picked up paint and brushes and began her journey into the art world. Living in the small, remote community of Port McNeill has its many challenges and few opportunities to show her artwork. She has chosen Pacific Arts Market as the first venue to introduce her work to the outside world. “I am nervous and feeling very vulnerable, but at the same time excited to see where this new step might lead. My usual canvas size is 24x36 and I offer both giclee and prints in a variety of sizes. I also have art cards.” “The fact that I am a self-taught artist brings extra challenges that need to be painstakingly worked through. I rarely view any online instruction as my goal is to allow whatever is hidden deep within myself the freedom to find its way out and onto the canvas. I am always amazed.” All my work is available at
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