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Plein De Vie Jewelry

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Tammy Dammann


As we all move through our transitions in life, we try to visualize our path and directions and next steps. Three years ago as I was nearing retirement, I chose the journey to hand made jewelry to fulfill not only my creative side but channeling my desire to create designs that are classic, timeless and bring a smile to the faces of my customers …. Simple Pleasures as I proudly name this. I am fortunate where I live in the Okanagan surrounded by the beautiful colors of nature …. Blue from the sky and water, green from the various foliage surrounding us and brown from the trees that stand proudly in the area along Westside Road. My designs draw from these colors and inspire so many beautiful one of a kind pieces.

At Plein De Vie Jewelry, we make jewelry that represents the simple things in life while leading us to find beauty in our everyday surroundings. From conceptualization of the design, to sourcing quality materials, then taking designs to production with final product that shines with beauty. Each piece of our handmade jewellery strives to represent “Plein De Vie” which means full of life and finding pleasure in simplicity. Our pieces are crafted with care and attention to detail using only precious metals and genuine gemstones including Swarovski crystals and pearls and leather / wood. Our goal is to create timeless designs that can not only be worn today but can be enjoyed for years to come.

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