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Scott Morgan


During the day I work in education, at night, woodworking. I enjoy making functional items (bowls, cutting boards, candle holders, salad servers…) that look beautiful and are meant to be used. I work mainly with wood salvaged from urban trees that have blown over in storms, been cut down for development, or have just died. Had I not rescued the wood it would have ended up in the landfill.

My design style is modern minimalist. I aim to keep forms clean and simple and let the beauty of the wood show. Finishing an item is always satisfying but for me the whole process is rewarding. Finding the wood, cutting it up, figuring out how best to make the most of the wood is just as enjoyable as creating the final piece. Nature takes decades and does the hard work of growing and creating beautiful patterns and features in the wood and I try hard not to screw it up.

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