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Youngbee Mosaics

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Nathan Young


Inspired by West Coast glass blowers, Nathan Young creates pieces that bring light and colour to all living spaces. His mosaics include floral, geometric, and marine motifs. Young is a self-taught artist. He was looking for a creative hobby that didn't need a lot of space and captures the beauty he sees every day, whether that be on a walk along the Sea Wall or a hike in the jungles of Hawaii. Young upcycles some of his raw materials and carefully designs each piece to maximize its light filtering characteristics. Fill your vase with flowers, or insert a votive candle to create a warm glow on a cold evening or a romantic ambiance on a warm summer night. These pieces are alchemic; no matter where they are placed, they will capture and reflect light with beauty and grace. Each piece of artwork is unique and can never be replicated.

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