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Hearts Intention Macrame

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Janice Gracey


I grew up in Abbotsford in the 1970s and even in those early years I knew that I loved to create things with my hands and that it came fairly easily to me. Through knitting scarves, cross-stitching, making latch hook rugs and painting ceramics, I discovered that I loved creating things! While I was mostly making things as gifts, it was the process that was always the fun part for me, giving me so much joy in creating something personal, from the heart, and intended for someone particular in mind.

I moved to Vancouver more than 20 years ago; it’s not surprising that in the first few years of living in Kitsilano, I spent countless hours at the beach with friends making hemp jewelry. I believe it was through this and all of the crafting skills that I acquired previously that have led me to find my incredible love of making macramé.

A few years ago, I inherited several of my grandmother’s macramé plant hangers. These were the real deal! They couldn't get any more vintage than this. I would look at them in awe and admire all of the detailed knotting, brass rings and wooden beads that she used. It was then I decided to give it a try myself.

This is where my love story with macramé begins – there’s nothing like the tactile feel of the threads that puts my mind at ease, as well as the rhythm of making knot after knot until a shape takes form. Knotting gives me a chance to immerse myself in a very peaceful, private meditative process that allows me to create simple, beautiful and natural products. I have experimented with and created projects with different types of cord and wooden beads, but you’ll notice that my favorite medium to work with is 3mm and 4mm 100% natural cotton cord.

Whether you want to add some Boho chic style to your home or recreate a sense of nostalgia, I hope you’ll enjoy my hand crafted products.

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