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Graydon Wallace Art

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Graydon Wallace

Graydon Wallace Art is dedicated to creating stylish Decorative Portraits and Pop Art that reflects your personality, and stimulates your imagination. Growing up, I always loved the feeling of retreating into a good book, being touched by an amazing film, being fascinated by an artist, inspired by fashion, or consumed by a song or an album that I couldn't get out of my head. The things that inspire you are what provide your life with flavour and meaning. My purpose in creating art is to constantly reacquaint myself with a reminder of that fact. My MISSION is to provide my clients and buyers with a visual reminder of that feeling, via the heroes and icons who inspire them, the subjects that move them, and the things that stir their imaginations. Whether musical, historical, literary or fashionable, Graydon Wallace Art has got you covered!

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