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Square Buddha Vase

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Artist: Jen Young (Creatives by Jen Young) -
Medium: Clay - Navajo Red Stoneware
Hand thrown on the wheel using Navajo red stoneware clay and shaped into a square, then buddha and dragon stamps applied. Oxide applied to the stamped area and the surrounding was glazed with a turquoise color. Shape helps display and organize flowers and the base is cut to breath and allow air flow. Weight is approximately 2.4 pounds (1,063 g) and is 7.7 inches tall, 5.9 inches wide and 6.9 inches diagonally. Additional smaller square vase in the same glaze is also available for $25 (2.0 pounds (889 g), 6.3 inches tall, 4.9 inches wide, SKU: 089-518) that nest inside, please call the store to add to your order.
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Made in Canada" Label - 1" S-12956 - Uline

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