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Perry Rath

Perry Rath is an active artist and teacher born in SW Ontario, and since 2003 living on unceded Witsuwit'en territory of the Gidimt'en Clan near Smithers with his wife and three children. His diverse artwork of paintings, installations/objects, printmaking, collaborations and more has been exhibited in extensive regional, national and international venues for over 20 years. He explores many different concepts in his projects, seeking visual and conceptual relationships of memory, renewal, presence/absence, history, time, place, identity and communication. The artworks he has at PAM are from his series inspired by nature that explores the ways that humans understand the outer and inner landscapes that influence us, as well as the salmon run. His work has attracted the praise of the Governor-General of Canada, and been used in various international CDs, books, magazines, and BC Provincial Parks signage. He has represented his region in the cultural exposition accompanying the 2015 Canada Winter Games. Most recently, his works have been exhibited in Hungary, toured Germany with an 18-month long group show about rivers, and been in various shows across NW BC. Perry Rath has established himself as a prominent artist, educator and advocate in his region.

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