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Myranda Storm

I’m an eco-feminist mixed media artist working in Vancouver B.C. My current focus is my project (Her)balism, it is a story of a women empowering herself through her relationship to plants and art. I was incredibly ill for the better part of a year, and holistic natural medicine really pulled through to heal my body. The experience influenced me to start learning herbalism and I’m currently creating artworks to process my experience. Growing up in British Columbia the natural landscape has continued to inspire me, which is why I take care to source my art practice responsibly. I repurpose materials and experiment with natural and eco-friendly art supplies. From the tape I use to the brushes I work with, for my practice and packaging I try to find the most sustainable sources I can, prioritizing eco-friendly practices, women owned businesses, local business and poc owned. By sharing my eco-feminist art practice, I want to spark the inspiration in others to choose to live in the same spirit, to see themselves as healers and protectors of the earth and embrace a deep love of nature.

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