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Enchanted Winter Forest

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Artist: Gary Squire (Gary C. Squire Photography) -
Medium: Photography, artistically edited and printed on bamboo paper.
The Enchanted Winter Forest was shot On Grouse Mountain, Vancouver, after a heavy snowfall, just as the sun appeared through the treetops, spotlighting a little fir tree. You can feel the stillness and silence after the storm. The colours are subtle, adding to the whimsical mood. This piece of photo art (11 x 14 inches) is printed on bamboo paper and mounted on 1/4 in. thick foam core, ready to frame, or attach to a wall as is. Bamboo paper has a slight texture, which gives the piece a painterly look. A white mat of 16 x 20 inches, not included, would work beautifully with this image (see photo example).

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Made in Canada" Label - 1" S-12956 - Uline

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