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Christine Elizabeth

I was born and raised in the area of Edmonton, Alberta. I am a self taught artist with background in business studies having attended both N.A.I.T and G.P.R.C. I enjoy creating artistic items using cement and plaster. I also enjoy functional art and using everyday or ordinary items as a canvas for artistic expression. I have a great love for making art involving masks, skulls, anatomy, mirror tiled items or really anything that emits or reflects light. My art often has symbolism or meaning that stems to my own relationship with mental illness and autism. Aspergers Syndrome has helped me see the world from unique perspectives. Art has been a way to connect to the world around me, and also to others. I strive to be able to help others connect to their own world and find meaning or understanding through experiencing my own artistic expression. If people could relate to something ive created in this way and then my job as an artist would be complete.
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