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Cedar Tip Studs - Silver

SKU Pam-229-005
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Product Details
Artist: by Rosie Harris (Joie Designs) -
Medium: Sterling silver
This piece was made from taking a pressing the tip of a cedar frond into a silicone mould material, very similar to how a dentist would take a mould of your teeth. The cedar tree is along the path on which I walk my daughter to school. Once I have the mould, I pour molten jewellers wax into the silicone. I remove the wax and repeat until I have enough pieces, and then they are cast using the lost wax process. After casting the stud earring piece is soldered in place, and these are tumbled for polishing. The finished pieces are 13mm by 4mm
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Made in Canada" Label - 1" S-12956 - Uline

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