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Candice Grant

Hi! I'm Candice Grant I'm a self-taught abstract artist from Surrey, BC. I started creating art by chance suffering from anxiety and fresh out of Graphic Design School. As a Graphic Designer, I felt restricted wanting to be bold and I found a connection with abstract art. Through color, I found I could speak without saying a word. It allows me the freedom to express where there are no restrictions or rules to prevent me from fully expressing myself. I create as I believe in thinking differently to provoke thoughts with the ability to capture the feeling of freedom and movement in a balanced abstraction. Using my imagination I find inspiration hiking on the West Coast offering me a chance for self-discovery. In my work, I'm driven and inspired by watching the ever-changing environment, shadows on the building/cement, seashells on the beach, and an eroding stop line. In my abstract paintings, I want people to feel a sense of joy and imaginative freedom.

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