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Christina's Creations

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Christina Worden

Visual Arts

Originally from Surrey BC, Christina now lives and works from home as a graphic designer in Castlegar in the beautiful West Kootenays BC. Interested in art her whole life, particularly character design and animation, Christina received her diploma of Fine Arts in Nanaimo BC where she learned various art mediums and later her diploma of 2D animation in Vancouver, BC. In recent years, she became interested in graphic design as a profession and began to learn Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, and InDesign. All of Christina’s designs are first sketched on paper, scanned, outlined, and coloured using Adobe Illustrator. Everything is lovingly designed and created from home and printed locally. Christina has always been fascinated with the Japanese “Kawaii” (meaning cute) art style and culture as well as using her animation skills to bring inanimate objects to life by adding facial expressions and a unique personality. For years she created personalized cards and gifts for friends and family using her designs and loved that they made others happy.

In January 2020, Christina started sharing her designs with the world and launched her graphic design business, Christina’s Creations, which started out selling a handful of greeting cards online and has now expanded to include a product line of over 40 greeting cards, tote bags, mugs, stickers, and clothing. Her products can be found online on her Etsy store as well as in local shops in Castlegar and Nelson BC. With the Covid-19 pandemic in full swing back in March, Christina switched gears to include a “Quarantine” card series which have been her most popular cards to date selling hundreds locally and around the world. She also offered the option to personalize cards with custom messages and mail them directly to friends and family. This proved to be a popular option when many people could not make it to the post office let alone see their loved ones. Christina takes pride in knowing that her cards and gifts are bringing joy to people all over the world during these uncertain times.

Christina also provides professional graphic design and marketing services to help grow other businesses within the Kootenay region and beyond.

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