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Dreams of Thailand

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Artist: Mark Prosser (ProsserArt) -
Medium: UV Color Changing 2 in 1 Transformative Original Art, Acrylic & Fluorescent Gouache on Gallery Canvas
2nd photo is what it looks like under a UV light. Acrylic and Fluorescent Gouache on stretched oval canvas, 1.5 inch stretcher bars, 2 in 1 Transformative Art. 26: by 18" ⛱🌊🏖 This was painted from a photograph from 2018 when we were at Railay Beach, in Krabi, Thailand, amazing memories, when life felt simple and the only thing we worried about was what to have for lunch.. I'm sure I'm not alone when the fact we are not suppose to travel has really been getting to me, I probably would not of gone anywhere this year anyway but the fact we are told NOT to do something just makes me want to even more, funny how that works.. 🎨 Started back in December and it's been a piece I've gone back to 4 or 5 times Every painting has a journey and some are more difficult than others, trick is to be confident and believe that even when there's doubt it's all happening the way it should. Includes a free UV flashlight and certificate of authenticity. A color changing LED light strip (on blue), color changing light bulbs (on blue), black lights and UV light sources can make all fluorescents glow. Any blue light acts like a black light. Every fluorescent painting has 2 different views. One in normal everyday light and one under a blue light. Its up to u which view you love. Having a choice is a beautiful thing when it comes to art, it can change with your mood and adapt to day and night. Because these are done with Fluorescents each and every painting is a true Original. The technology does not exist yet to make prints with Fluorescents as the active ingredients that make it Glow are not available for mass production.
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Made in Canada" Label - 1" S-12956 - Uline

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