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Billie Blue

Billie Blue (she/her) works in the mediums of watercolour, ink,

graphite, and oil paint to create representational artwork with an

illustrative style. While focusing on detail and applying mediums in a

sensitive fashion, she includes what some have called a “signature touch

of humour” to her work. Her subjects include both human and animal

forms, often isolated in settings that help to communicate specific

narratives. Her narratives often involve juxtaposing historical

paintings of women with contemporary society or revolve around the

independency of the figures depicted. These narratives are either

planned prior to creating the work or revealed when the work is in

progress. She explores the concepts of societal stereotypes, the

ubiquity of popular culture, social justice, and reinterpretation.

Although she is intent on describing the story behind each artwork she

creates, Billie invites her audience to have their own views, thoughts

and discussions about what the work might express.

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