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Aurora Wolf

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Artist: Deborah Smart - Thistle Designs -
Medium: Mixed Media; resin, glitter
With the silhouette of the wolf and trees, and the backdrop of the shining aurora borealis, this is a stunning piece for any animal or nature lover. Crafted from laser cut 1/8″ thick wood, the piece measures 14″ wide and 14″ high, at it’s widest & highest points. This piece has a total of 4 coats of clear resin, on a base of acrylic paint and colour shifting glitters. Depending on your angle of view, you'll see the colours change! All materials are of highest quality, so you’ll be enjoy displaying this beautiful Aurora Wolf for years to come. Note: This item is only sold online
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Made in Canada" Label - 1" S-12956 - Uline

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