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Urban Turban Head Towels

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Urban Turban Head Towels


Urban Turban Head Towels is a business that started out of necessity.
I was trying to find a good quality hair towel that was not made from micro-
fiber. I wanted something that would stay securely in place, effectively
absorb the moisture from my hair and most importantly, be made
with 100% cotton terry towel. Unfortunately, all I could find on the market was
microfibre. I decided to start making them for myself and my daughters and
it just blossomed from there. My daughters and I were soon giving them as
gifts and our friends loved them. It seemed a natural step to try our hand
at Christmas craft fairs. Over the years it has enjoyed a steady growth.

I live in Prince George BC and love the north country. I retired a few years
ago and enjoy working at my business, along with a lot of hiking and snow
shoeing. I love working for myself and being allowed the freedom to enjoy
other activities as well.

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