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Synch iT Jewelry Ltd

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Tracy Brown


I moved to BC over 9 years ago. My handcrafted jewelry company is based out of Mission, BC.

Growing up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, I learned the value of fashion-ingenuity. In a family of 7 siblings, items of clothing were passed down like heirlooms, from one hand to the next. By the time these items made it down to me, being the youngest, they lacked style and fit. In order to break away from the culture of "hand-me-downs". I began altering and dyeing my garments in order to make them my own.

I have always dabbled in crafts, woodworking and welding. I love to take many different items and create them into something different.

I am passionate about the handcrafted items I make and I hope you enjoy my products as I do.

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