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Stephanie B Creative

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Stephanie Binnington


Whimsical felt creations and contemplative pen and ink abstract art.

Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, I moved to Vancouver 13 years ago in search of somewhere to call home again after teenage years spent living in various parts of the UK. I instantly knew Vancouver was where I wanted to be. I love the Pacific Northwest scenery, and every craft fair I visit, I am blown away by the amazing community of artists and wealth of talent and creativity.

Putting my work out there in the public domain marks a new (and a bit scary!) phase in my life: Going through of a period of burnout from the high-pressure corporate world, I knew I needed a change. I kept being drawn back to my love of the art/craft community and the fulfillment I get out of creating. So in July 2019, I decided to brave the uncertainty, take a sabbatical from my day job and focus on my creative side.

By creating fun, one-of-a-kind pieces, I hope to make people smile and provide that amazing feeling of finding something unique.

Pen and Ink
I have drawn the pen and ink abstract art for as long as I can remember. As a kid, I would get lost in the intricacy and deciding where to next put the pen down. It was like a meditation before I knew anything about meditation! I recently found the first full page I did at around age 12, and while my style has evolved over the years, what I love about the process, is that I still never know exactly where it will go when I start. Each piece is so unique, almost like following a stream of consciousness; it would be impossible to recreate the same piece twice. My hope is that others will find that meditative quality when they look at my pieces.

Needle Felting
Around 6 years ago I also discovered needle felting by way of a kit I received as a Christmas present, and was hooked immediately. What I find so amazing about needle felting is how a tuft of wool roving can be so completely transformed, and sculpted into almost anything. I looked for reasons to do more of it, and began making name plates for every baby that arrived in my circle of friends/family. Now I want to bring the possibility of unique gifts to a wider audience.

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