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Soodabeh Noorani

Visual Arts

I'm Soodabeh, born in 1989. When I moved to Canada, I became known as Soodi. I'm an artist and studied painting at Tehran University of Art. I've been passionately painting ever since! I'm in love with Impressionism and most of my work is influenced by this style. After learning and experimenting with a variety of painting techniques, I chose acrylic for its versatility and agility, working with pallet knives.

I have participated in many exhibitions and taught painting in my homeland prior to moving to Canada.

After some time, I became pregnant with twins. 4 months after they were born, I moved to Canada. Despite the challenges of motherhood, the loneliness of immigration, and the uncertainty and fear of the pandemic era, I continued my art practice through the late hours of the night. I even managed to participate in a recent exhibition by the Federation of Canadian Artists.

Since then, I've continued the lifeline of my painting practice, which brings me to today, two years after immigration, living as an artist mother. I believe that there is always a way forward, so I will paint, as painting gives me life.

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