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Sonia D'Ambra Design

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Sonia D'Ambra


Sonia is an Italian-Canadian artist passionate about celebrating and supporting the uniqueness of each individual. Her inborn curiosity leads to experiment with metals, textures, gemstones and different materials to create one of a kind jewelry pieces to foster self-expression.

Born and raised in Rome, Italy, Sonia has enjoyed beading and jewelry making since she can remember. As a teenager, she earned money, to support her backpacking trips through Europe, by selling costume jewelry. Sonia is also a rock mechanics engineer and she has been working in the mining industry since she moved to Vancouver, almost 15 years ago. Working in mining has increased her knowledge on metals, minerals and gems, and eventually fired up her old passion for jewelry making, bringing it to a new level. Today, Sonia’s wearable art pieces are the outcome of experimentation driven by curiosity, inspired by nature and influenced by her European heritage.
For Sonia jewelry is not ornaments, it is a way of individual expression, a way to manifest personality and feelings, and a way to show and proclaim your own identity.

Fun fact: Did you know that we have been creating jewelry well before the appearance of modern humans in Europe (about 48,000 years ago)? Researchers believe that eagle talons, found at the Neandertal site and dated 130,000 years old, were manipulated to form a necklace or bracelet.

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