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Rose L. Williams

Visual Arts

Rose L. Williams
is a mixed media artist working with Nature’s chemistry based in Vancouver BC, Canada. Her early career in photography is the grounding and reference for her mixed media Nature themed paintings and textiles. Rose taps into the beneficial effects of Forest Bathing, sustainable foraging and collecting materials to transform into art from her explorations of the local environment. Using repurposed and recycled textiles and natural dyes derived from bark, leaves, flowers, seeds etc. she uses a method of Botanical mono-printing to create the matrix for the paintings. Walking encourages immersion into the environment and allows the artist to translate the photos, impressions, leaves and encounters into a piece that is literally extracted and imbued with the chemistry and psycho-geography of the place.
Her early career began in Montreal studying dance, drama and metal arts. She then worked in the graphic arts running line cameras, photography studio dark room technician and photo studio management.

Rose earned her diploma in Painting and Printmaking at the University of the Fraser Valley and was a founding member of the Fraser Valley Graphic Guild. She is an alumna of the Langara College Expressive Arts Therapy program and Emily Carr University.

Each Botanical mono-print is a unique imprint of the plant’s intrinsic chemistry. The naturally occurring tannins and pigments from the leaves or flowers are transferred onto repurposed/recycled materials specially pre-mordanted to ensure light and wash fastness.

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