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R. Miller Design Inc.

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Rachael Miller

Visual Arts

Ever since the age of 12 I have had immense passion run through my veins for all things design related; taking art classes as a child was only the beginning of a lifelong adventure into creativity. From that early age I decided to become an Interior Designer and begun to strive for the best. I completed various drafting courses in high school to then graduate with distinction from Vancouver Island University. With an Interior Designer degree in hand, I then worked in the field for 4 more years before starting up my own firm. Having recently been diagnosed with OCD, I now take pride in what strengths it offers me in my field of work. Having this close to my heart, I'd like to advocate for mental health awareness through my art and reach out to all those in need that each day will shine a little brighter with some hard work and dedication. Welcome to R. Miller Design Inc. where design, function, beauty & wellness all meet harmoniously.

10% of profits will be donated to OCD Canada   |

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