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Midori Under Giants

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Midori Ryans

Visual Arts

Midori Ryans, aka "Midori Under Giants" is a bohemian, neurodiverse, freelance digital artist with SPD (sensory hypersensitivity), dyscalculia, CAPD, and multiple forms of synesthesia, including mirror-touch.
Her art is an expression of what life looks, sounds, and feels like through the lenses of these four unique sensory processing conditions.
While her work is largely digital, Midori often blends digital with traditional mediums, including acrylics, watercolour, calligraphy, ink pens, coloured pencils, and photography. Her inspirations draw largely from nature and synesthesia, but her work is often also a message about mad pride, mental health, neurodiversity, and anti-stigma.

After a few cafe showings, Midori's identity as an emerging outsider artist cemented after she exhibited her first collection "Intense World" at the Vancouver Outsider Arts Festival (#VOAF) and simultaneously at the Mad Universe exhibit at Lost + Found Cafe & Gallery where she frequently shows her work.
She has since exhibited at the Pancakes & Booze Pop-Up Underground Art Show at Fortune Sound Club, and is delving into amateur tattoo design (through which she explores her recently realized La Tène Celtic heritage) since receiving positive feedback and requests for her "First, We Make the Beast Beautiful" watercolour and blacklight designs.

Following the success of "Intense World," Midori is currently conceptualizing her upcoming collections "Split" and "Experiment," hoping to explore different aspects of trauma survival in each; and is illustrating a children's series by Coquitlam-based author, Laurie Crookell.
Midori is largely self-taught, but gained confidence as a student of the JumpstArt '09 arts & humanities program in Coquitlam, and studied multidisciplinary design and marketing at LaSalle College | Vancouver where she completed an 1yr associate's-equivalent intensive diploma in graphic design with specialization in concept creation (which isn't nearly as fancy as it sounds).

Midori sells canvas and art prints, as well as sublimation prints (see: upon request, and has various products available (including her favourite: acrylic blocks!) featuring her art on Society6 and RedBubble.
She is currently learning wirework jewelry techniques from her fiancé, Erlendr J.T. Wooley (who handles her promotional material), and hopes to start selling jewelry in the near future.

Midori and her fiancé survived a recent series of shared trauma, and purchasing her work will go towards their therapy and efforts to rebuild.
Thank-you for reading.
- Midori Ryans, is "Midori Under Giants"

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