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Roxy Querouz

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Midnight Abstractions

Visual Arts

Roxy Querouz is a self-taught emerging artist from Vancouver, BC, Canada. Roxy was born in Manila, grew up in Dubai, and moved to Vancouver in 2010 after having quit her full-time job to go back to school and start over in life. Roxy believes her upbringing and her travels have given her a unique perspective in life and love. Roxy’s penchant for organizing and 25 years in the business industry has made her quite goal-oriented and strategic, abilities that she has applied in her new art career. In just 6 months after having taken up painting, Roxy’s art has been showcased in the IAD Anonymous Art Show at 100 Braid Studios, is participating in the Anonymous Art Show in North Van Arts, and has been accepted in the THRIVE Studios Mastermind program.

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