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Melissa Peacock

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Melissa Peacock

Visual Arts

Bio: Melissa is a watercolour artist living in Surrey, who has a fondness for plants and animals, and embellishing her paintings with paper tole accents. She briefly studied fine arts at Kwantlen University, focusing on studio arts, but left the school in 2010 to play with cakes at VCC. Melissa’s artwork occasionally shows in local juried exhibitions within the Lower Mainland. These days, however, she spends most of her art time sharing her painting process on her Youtube channel and website.

Artist Statement: For many of us, art is a coping mechanism that allows us to edit and recreate the world around us. Some use accurate depictions to reach out to others and normalize our feelings. Others delve into a world of fantasy and find comfort there. I love the idea of "magical realism"- to gently edit real life into something more fantastic. To fix something that maybe went wrong the first time, or by highlighting something positive. By sharing our artwork and making friendly connections, we really are making the world a little better, even for just a moment.

Currently open for commissions!

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