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Linda Casano

Visual Arts

When I was a little girl living in Ontario, I always enjoyed early fall, as that would be the time my
Mom would take part in her painting camps. My memory of watching her draw and paint with
bold colours and textures is one of my fondest memory of childhood. I would watch her in awe
as colours swept across her canvas reflecting all natures beauty that surrounded us. Gazing up
at her and seeing the images coming alive on her easel. I thought it was magic!

Today, I am deeply moved by the colours, textures and all forms of nature. Whether it be as I
walk amongst the lush green forests of my North Vancouver neighbourhood, the cosmopolitan
streets of the city, or on a stroll by the ocean and simply gazing out over the expansive vista of
the semi-desert landscape around my home in the southern interior of BC. I am inspired by the
intricacies of life around me.

The experience of taking in the vivid contrasts of both natural and urban landscapes fuel my
creativity magically. I work with multiple mediums; paint, ink, encaustic wax, textured mediums,
paper and photographic collages My creative artworks are presented in various styles including
abstract and contemporary realism.

I am fortunate to do what I love to do and share with you!

When you view and purchase my art it brings a little magic into your life.

Thank you for your Interest. Linda Casano. I Make Art. I Create Magic.

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