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Karen Sargent Art

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Karen Sargent

Visual Arts

Karen Sargent is a Canadian artist who was born and raised in Saskatchewan. She later married and lived there with her husband while raising their family. In 2006 they moved to Nanaimo, British Columbia where she knew all her life, she needed to be. “I have always felt the pull to the West Coast, to the ocean and the mountains. I have felt a need to capture their beauty through art my whole life, and now I am living that lifelong dream”.
Creating with acrylic medium, Karen is a self-taught artist in each of her styles, beautiful realistic landscapes, nature inspired still life’s, and emotional abstracts. While learning and expanding her ability in each style, she has had to work without the ability to visualize in her mind the image she wanted to portray. The condition, referred to as blind mind's eye, is known as aphantasia. Even with this hurdle she manages to create stunning pieces that have gone on to be featured in galleries, solo shows and win awards.
Karen strives to convey heartwarming emotions with her art. She depicts the vast and varied beautiful landscapes gifted to us by nature. Her realistic portraits of the West Coast are filled with her passion for those landscapes and can be felt through each detail she pridefully puts into them.
When working on creating free spirited abstracts, delicate floral and still life paintings, she allows her mind to break from detail and let the brush move the paint without restraints. When creating in these styles it gives Karen a deeper connection to her love of art.

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