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Tumbled Earth

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Kara Clarke


Hi. I'm the owner and jewelry designer of Tumbled Earth. I live in Kimberley and I have been in business since 2009. Each authentic stone used in Tumbled Earth has been collected from the shores of the Kootenay River in beautiful British Columbia. The 22,000 year old stones were formed by glaciers and naturally tumbled by the water. Back in my Studio Boutique, I drill the tiny holes by hand and polishes each stone, ready for use in my pieces along with mixed metals, earthy charms, and other natural elements.

In May 2018, I opened Tumbled Earth; Studio Boutique which is the prefect space for us. In the back is the Studio where we market, design, create, pack and ship Tumbled Earth. The front has been created into a Boutique to feature our full line of jewelry and accessories. We have also carefully selected products we love from local companies that complement the Studio Boutique.

Tumbled Earth has been featured in numerous magazines and online articles and is an award winning business. "Kara focuses on quality and uniqueness, and has become well known for her authentic earthy and bohemian style." - quoted from an article

It’s easy to fall in love with the beautiful Kootenays. We’re surrounded by mountains, forest, rivers, and lakes. When you wear a piece of Tumbled Earth you will feel an organic connection to nature and the land we’re all a part of.

Stones as old as time; created into modern designs.

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