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Joanna Li - Happylee Crochet

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Joanna Li


On November 26, 2013, I wanted to make something special as gifts for a group of wonderful volunteers. These individuals generously donated countless hours and time to educate and support a health community. New to crocheting, I made cotton lanyards to hold keys and name tags when they’re out and about. That’s where it all began.

Lanyards to toques. Yoga bags to market bags. Scarves to ponchos. Five years later, here I am with Happylee Crochet...

And the name? My family name is actually ‘Lee’. Immigration erroneously listed my Father’s last name as ‘Li’ upon arrival in Vancouver.

My Father always wanted us to be happy.
‘Happylee’ is not only a nod to my ancestors but also a reminder to me and my blessing to those who wear my products to Live Happily.

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