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Tilted Artist

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James and Kim Price


At Tilted Artist, we are a husband and wife team who wanted to share our passion for copper jewelry. Every piece we make is handcrafted to be a bold, beautiful, and unique wearable art piece.

Our inspiration comes from a love of natural materials and simplistic shapes.

When we create our pieces we do it with simple tools, a jeweler's hand saw, metal sheers, drills, metal files, Dremel, torch, various hammers. Those tools allow us to cut out shapes, file, and shape them. Each piece is felt all throughout the process, it takes time to drill and file each hole, each edge, every inch of every piece.

​Once we get our shapes filed, drilled, polished, hammered we then decide what will be given a natural patina and what will stay in its raw form. The outcomes of the patina process are unpredictable. Each piece of copper takes to it differently. We love that unpredictability. We may repeat shapes in the future but we cannot duplicate the color of the patina in a pair of earrings or two different pendants. Also at times, we choose to keep the bits of salt on our pieces and seal them in. We do that for two reasons, one to keep the color and two to bring in subtle texture. The salt won't fall off, the patina won't stain your skin or your clothing, it's sealed and secured.

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