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Sand Art CASPA

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Hiro Hamada

Visual Arts

Hiro was born and raised in Japan and moved to Canada; becoming a permanent resident 2017.

Sand Art Painting is a very unique art, whose influence on its students through Greater Vancouver workshops has been profound. Simply put, sand art is easy and fun. Anyone, regardless of age, can enjoy it.

Having hosted several workshops before COVID-19, Hiro had begun Sand Art Painting in November of 2019. There are many great instructors who have honed their craft, through the teachings of an amazing Sand Painting Artist, Mr.Phi Long: The founder and the master instructor of a sand painting workshop in Vietnam.

Mr.Phi Long caught pneumonia and lost his hearing when he was 1 year old. He had met an amazing sand painting artist, Y Lan, when he was 16 years old. This meeting would change his life. He had became her apprentice, quickly acquired these skills.

Upon returning to his hometown, he had opened the sand painting workshop, and had given other disabled people an opportunity to add color to life.

Purchasing sand art, attending workshops, becoming an instructor, and all other involvement are ways to sponsor them.

Starter kits are available to sell and offer instructor course.

It is Hiro’s hope that many people have a chance to experience, and expose others to Sand Art Painting.

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