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Ghislain Brown-Kossi

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Ghislain Brown-Kossi

Visual Arts

French artist based in Vancouver, Ghislain has been always surrounded by Art and Fashion since his childhood in France. His father made a move in California when he was young for study marketing and his mother was a fashion stylist. Ghislain grew up with these two sides but as a child he didn't know how to deal with them. After his studies in Fashion business he worked for a while for different fashion company in Paris and also he was manager for a French luxury house at Le Bon Marche and Galeries Lafayette Haussman.

Simultaneously he was developing his penchant for art, during his free time, spending his time between contemporary museums and photoshoot as a fashion stylist. In January 2017 he moved to Vancouver, where he always wanted to live here since 2009. Since he got here he's focusing his new career in art, eclectic artist he uses several mediums for his global art.The human being has many faces and Ghislain aims to explore his own through the creativity.

His painting are very colorful he draw bubbles with symbols, mantra or funny faces. We are in the world of technologies now lot of our interactions goes through a smart phone or a computer and his art is the result of contemplative reflections of

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