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Germinal Cinti

Visual Arts

I was born in Ancona, the capital town of the Marche region. More than twenty years ago I moved to Canada from Italy and I now call Vancouver home. Since my teens I have always had an attraction for any form of expression of thought and I’ve always been fascinated by the use of various means of communication and media. So, I found myself leaving my thoughts on a canvas with the brush, on a paper with a pen, or in a picture through the lens of my camera. All this has given me the chance to try out and experiment with different styles and techniques in painting, which I am using to transform feelings in a concrete subject. During my artistic career I found myself preferring three artistic styles: Impressionism, Expressionism and Abstraction. Sometimes I use them in contact with one another while retaining their singularity, other times I combine them and mix them together. I try to take advantage of their individual characteristics, which I use as ingredients to bring out the best final concept. This, however, does not prevent me from continuing to try new things in search of a refined and unpredictable effect.
All this, “for the one who sees sentiment in it.”

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