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Donna Dubock

Visual Arts

Donna lives with her husband and two cats on Mayne island(Southern Gulf islands) which is part of the spectacular B.C coast.Her paintings are inspired by much of the rugged nature and beauty of this area.She often goes sailing around this magical place , always taking her art supplies with her.

Donna has also been very much influenced by the places she has lived and visited which include Italy,Spain, other European-countries England, Australia and of course Canada.

Donna mainly works with acrylic medium on canvas and paper but likes to use mixed media collage etc. She has recently begun exploring abstract art making but using a realistic twist to it!

Donna has only in the least two years rekindled her passion for art by taking one on one lessons in Duncan. She is mostly self taught but has studied at the Art institute in Dorset.

More recently Donna has taken a course in Encaustics with Rosalie Matchett on Salt Spring Island. Also she has taken two courses with Terrill Welch a BC landscape artist who also lives on Mayne. Donna has just completed an online course with abstract artist Nicholas Wilton.

Donna believes that art making is a life long learning process and so continues to take on new courses and techniques to enable her work to stay fresh and exciting.

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