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Dayna Larson

Visual Arts

Dayna Larson is an emerging artist located in Nelson BC, the heart of the Kootenays. She works with multiple mediums, including oil, acrylic, mixed media, line work, woodburning and film photography.

Her greatest inspiration comes from being outside in the wild, and embracing everything that Mother Nature has to offer. From a young age, Dayna has been drawn to the sheer beauty of all the different mountain ranges in Western Canada, especially those in the Kootenay Region. Her goal is to capture these peaks in their various lights, using both realism and abstract techniques. She works with Film, because it is the most raw form of freezing a moment in time. Dayna prefers working with Film and is fascinated by the process after the shutter has been released, as she develops and scans all her own photos in the comfort of her home.

Dayna wants to encourage us all to distance ourselves from our constant need for instantaneous responses and images; to sit back, relax, and be patient with whatever life throws our way. She hopes her artwork can open up society's minds, and allow each and every one of us to see the timeless equisiteness in our ever-changing Mother Earth.

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