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Raven Arts by Dan E Pollard

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Daniel E. Pollard

Visual Arts

Vancouver Island gave birth to and shaped Daniel Pollard. Throughout his lifetime he has returned the favour by crafting sensational artwork inspired by the area. While choosing to live in the bosom of the west coast wilderness, as close to the mystic natural environment and as far from distractions as possible, he fabricates stunning manifestations of the world around him. A lifelong creative energy pulses through him as his bloodstream flows with paternal generations of expressive innovational power. Words alone cannot begin to describe what the human senses will encounter when they experience a rendering produced from Dan’s hands and mind.
The pieces on display are an example of how our natural world is able to transform limestone to marble and phenomenal artists through to spectacular renditions of wildlife. From a single block of marble from the north end of Vancouver Island near Bonanza Lake which is located about 30 km south of Port McNeill Dan coaxed the emergence of the sacred eagle. The marble in the area varies in colour from very light grey to dark grey or almost black, to mottled grey and white. The spiritual sculptures are mounted on “Grey Ghost” cedar, and aluminum. The silvered spikey tops of the western red cedar trees (Thuja plicata) are called Grey Ghosts of the forest, or more poetically, silver snags. This is the natural die-off of the upper sections of the cedar tree which regularly occurs on trees that may be green and flourishing in their lower branches. Eagles regularly use the Grey Ghosts of the forests as their perch to hunt and view our world.

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