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Photo Righter Photography

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Dallas Vienneau


Artist Statement

As an artist, I (Dallas Vienneau) like to express myself visually using a camera, neutral density filters, and post processing software to create fine art long exposure photos. I am inspired by the art style of minimalism. By applying a minimalist approach to my photos, I am able to create uncluttered photographs. This composition technique allows the object: portion of a skyscraper, a pier, a bridge, an object within the water, and other objects of interest to pop out. This allows myself to appreciate the detail of the object being photographed. Furthermore, the beautiful negative space from the effects long exposures have on water and clouds complements the positive space of the object in a surreal manner.

Using an innovative technique of blending colour and black & white split toned photos with the aid of layers and luminosity masks, I create unique expressive photos that are a juxtaposition of warm uplifting colours with cool depressing colours to represent the duality of nature, human nature and the human mind. I like to create photos that evoke a dual simultaneous instance of happy and somber moods. My goal is to make myself feel like I’m experiencing the mind of a manic-depressive clashing with a multiple personality mind. This is done to demonstrate the human mind’s complex ability to express and experience a tension between emotions that are polar opposites at the same time. This post processing technique is reflected in his photographs taken in the past six to eight months. The post processing technique also acts as a vision for creating future photographs.

I find long exposure photography very calming because it allows me to relax and enjoy the landscapes and urbanscapes that surround me. I take long exposures in the range of three to thirty minutes. The varying length of times produce different visual distortions of time and messes with our perception of reality.

Photo Righter Definition

I’m a self defined Photo Righter who is proudly stealing the world’s majestic beauty, one photo at a time, to share with the world. Fine art long exposures of urbanscapes and landscapes are my area of interest to steal.

A Photo Righter is defined jokingly in two parts:

1) One who commits the immoral act of stealing and is convinced that what their doing is righteous.
2) Righter sounds exactly the same as Writer. It’s a clever word switch-a-roo meant to work in conjunction with part one of the definition by writing stories of the immoral acts using long exposure photography and post processing software.

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