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The Painting Crow

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Corinne Palmer

Visual Arts

Being The Painting Crow

The first time I went to the grocery store in my painting jeans, I no longer defined myself by my previous career! Each morning, I get up and have my coffee and breakfast, do some yoga to get my body ready, and head into my studio. In the corner space between my living room and dining room is where the magic happens! With each new painting, I grow and explore all that inspires me to create. Painting and making is something I am driven to do. Bringing joy and happiness to people through my art, using my gift of creativity, is who I am as a person. Now this will sound cheesy, but when my brushes hit the canvas the whole world melts away - it’s just my favourite music, the art and me.

Originally, I am from the Northern Alberta city of Grande Prairie and have been living on the West Coast of British Columbia for over 20 years. My art is highly influenced by both of these beautiful Canadian places. I sold my first pet portrait when I was 16 years-old, a Cairn Terrier done with oil pastels on a big piece of black poster board from the drugstore. The materials have changed, but portraits of people’s pets are one of my biggest sellers today. The obsession with painting crows started back in college during the mid to late 90’s at what was then known as Kwantlen College (presently Kwantlen Polytechnic University). When I got my first email address in ‘97/’98 it was - everything else I tried was taken. Little did I know when I created that email account it would one day be the name of my studio. Fast forward to March of 2017, when the first painting I sell after making the jump to full time Artist, is a crow painting called “East Van Sunset Crew”.

Painting crows will always be a passion of mine, along with unique custom pet portraits and dramatic prairie and West coast landscapes and birds, birds, birds! When I left my job, in an industry I had been in for 16 years, I really focused on what it means to me to be The Painting Crow. It’s not just the name of my studio, or my business, it is who I am as an Artist. It is amazing to finally have the opportunity to follow my childhood dream, and I can’t wait to see where ‘Being The Painting Crow’ takes me!

“Hello, my name is Corinne Palmer, and I am an Artist.”

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