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Chloe Juwon Kim Art

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Chloe Juwon Kim

Visual Arts

Chloe’s paintings are describing BC's mountains and nature using Asian painting techniques. She focuses on how Canada's nature can be harmonized with her way of painting as she had been trained as an artist in Korea before immigrating to Canada. As an artist, Chloe’s interests are developed and branched out from the beauty of Revelstoke's raw nature. She has been painting mountains and flowers since she settled in Revelstoke.
Chloe is painting local landscapes and flora with tools and techniques steeped in hundreds of years of Korean and Asian painting traditions. To prepare the canvas, she must do several washes using gelatin glue. It gives the canvas many layers that helps create the glowing translucence that lends mass and depth into her paintings. She uses the traditional method of painting, but she does not restrict herself. Chloe is synthesizing her own method using classic techniques to create work that is unique in style and subject matters.
After moving to the lower mainland and raising two boys, her artistic interests expanded to cityscapes. She enjoys expressing the beauty of cities surrounded with snow capped mountains. After years of raising two boys who love playing hockey and visiting the rink often, Chloe started to find the joy to draw and paint active hockey players.

Since April 5, 2010 till 2015 as a founding member of Art First gallery, artist-run cooperative gallery in Revelstoke, She sold her art work to customers from all over the world. Also her artworks have been featured in Revelstoke Review. Since she moved to Lower Mainland, her artworks have been awarded several prizes in Surrey Art Gallery, and showed her works at Newton Art Gallery in Surrey. And you can view her work through her Instagram, too.

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